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CBD For Pets: What You Need To Know

CBD for Pets: What You Need to Know

CBD is starting to become a more commonly recognized option for pet owners with animals suffering from health related issues. Whether you’re a cat, dog, or horse owner, we all love our pets. More than anything, we want them to be happy and experience as little pain and discomfort as possible, throughout the length of their life.

Knowing our furry friends are having trouble (physically or emotionally) can be extremely stressful, especially when we’re not sure how we can help them.

CBD for Pets: How it Can Help

CBD has been helpful in relieving some of the symptoms related to a number of health issues that both animals–and humans–suffer from.

There isn’t a huge amount of research on this topic, but there are certainly plenty of studies that gives us an idea of how humans can (and have) benefited from CBD. For some people, CBD has been extremely helpful in relieving some really uncomfortable, unwanted symptoms.

Could it be the answer for your pet? Let’s take a closer look at how CBD might be able to help, based on what we know right now.

CBD for Common Ailments: Dogs and Cats


Anxiety isn’t just a human condition; animals get it too. If your pet suffers from anxiety, chances are, you already know what this looks like. Especially for cat and dog owners, pet anxiety can be very common. When our animals are stressed out, we usually are too.

So why do our pets get anxiety? There are a number of reasons, but some common reasons include:

  • Separation anxiety or being left home alone
  • Pain from an illness or injury
  • Fear from a traumatic experience
  • Going to the vet (cat carriers–yikes!)
  • Loud noises
  • Visitors or strangers in the house
  • Traveling in the car (this one is obviously usually for our feline friends)

When it comes to CBD and anxiety, there have been a number of studies showing the ways it can be helpful for managing the symptoms of a variety of mental conditions, including anxiety.

During one study conducted in 2015, a team of researchers reviewed CBD and its effect on anxiety using lab animals (mice and rats) and clinical trials conducted on humans. Ultimately, the results showed that CBD was able to reduce anxiety-related behavior and effects. It also showed that it to be effective in controlling generalized stress-induced anxiety and obsessive behavior.

For the most part, the existing preclinical evidence supports the potential of CBD as a treatment for anxiety disorders.

For anyone suffering from this debilitating issue, there is a definite chance it could be helpful (both for man and our four-legged friends)

Joint Health

CBD is often seen as a great option for relieving symptoms of arthritis and related joint pain, largely because of its anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effects. Dogs often suffer from joint problems as well as osteoarthritis.

If your pet has experienced these issues, you probably know what we mean. Likely, they aren’t able to be as active and it can be heartbreaking to see our loved ones struggling to do the things they used to love. Unfortunately, current anti-inflammatory medicines prescribed for some animals can have adverse effects in older pets and are sometimes not very effective.

So how can CBD help?

Though there haven’t been any notable studies conducted on cats for this ailment (at least that we’re aware of) –for dogs, there actually is specific research to back up its effectiveness.

One particular study by Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine conducted on dogs suffering from osteoarthritis found a significant decrease in pain and an increase in activity during the second and fourth weeks of CBD treatment. In comparison with the animals’ baselines, these results were generally seen as an improvement. Perhaps the best part, for this specific study, no side effects were reported by any of the sixteen dogs’ owners.

Bottom line, there is definitely evidence that suggests some humans and animals have found relief from joint pain with the use of CBD. If this is a concern for your pet, it’s definitely worth considering.

Nausea and Vomiting

If you have a pet with a sensitive stomach, you probably know exactly when you need to jump up off the couch and run to your pet–napkin or piece of newspaper in hand–in an attempt to catch whatever they’re about to cough up before it leaves a stain on your brand new couch. For some of us, this is a daily problem.

Despite many visits to the vet and changes in diet, sometimes it seems like controlling our pets vomiting episodes might be next to impossible. If you’re a cat owner, you probably know that many cats have extremely sensitive stomachs. And try as we might, us dog owners have come to accept that no matter how much we try to watch our dogs, they will probably always eat come running back up to the house with a mouthful of grass.

Luckily, there is a some evidence to suggest that CBD can be helpful for controlling nausea and vomiting.

So how does this work?

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system (a system that is present in all mammals).

In 2012, a study published in the British Journal of Pharmacology found that, by indirectly activating certain serotonin receptors in the brain, CBD was able to reduce symptoms and behaviors of nausea in rats and shrews.

Another study showed similar results, showing that CBD can reduce vomiting and decrease the intensity of nausea.

While no specific studies have been performed on dogs or cats, the effects CBD has on the endocannabinoid system let us know that it could definitely effective for reducing nausea and vomiting in other animals.

Is CBD Safe for My Pet to Ingest?

In general, the side effects for CBD are minimal–in both humans and animals. If your pet is suffering from one of these ailments, the outlook is generally good in terms of safety.

That being said, you should always talk to your veterinarian before giving any kind of supplement to your pet. This is especially true if your four-legged friend has any existing medications or severe health problems.

Your vet knows your pet best and will be able to tell you what will be right for you and your furry family.

Is CBD Right for Your Pet?

The existing studies on mammals show us know that CBD certainly has the potential to help with specific issues that our pets may experience. Of course, no two animals are the same, so it is impossible to predict how CBD may affect your animal. For the most part, the research suggests that CBD could be a great option for your pet, especially if other treatments aren’t working.

If you do choose to try CBD, be sure to keep an eye out for any negative side effects like gastrointestinal problems or sedation. Both of these can be alleviated by discontinuing the use of CBD.

You should also be sure you are purchasing CBD from trustworthy, reputable brands and be careful about dosage. This is important for avoiding overdosing as well as any potential adverse effects for your pet.

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Note: Always contact your veterinarian first if you are concerned about your pet’s health. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. CBD products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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