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A twisted 2D Metroidvania platformer. Play as some shape-shifting turds and explore all through Steve’s flesh-eating body.
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The sequel to Ninja Turdle is scheduled to be released on July 13, 2016, to be developed by the same team as Ninja Turdle. The game is titled Ninja Turdle: EXCITE!.


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Ninja Turdle: Excite!

Category:Windows games
Category:Video games developed in Poland
Category:Metroidvania games
Category:Science fiction video games
Category:Windows-only games
Category:2015 video games
Category:Single-player video gamesObama says Russia was behind the election-meddling as he seeks warmer relations with the country

This article is more than 1 year old

This article is more than 1 year old

US president Barack Obama has accused Moscow of trying to interfere in the US midterm elections, as he seeks warmer relations with the country.

In an early morning tweet on Thursday, Obama said “hacking into any system” is against the law, and “is done for purely political, strictly criminal, reasons”.

In his message, the president also noted that his administration has been careful in monitoring social media in the Russia investigation.

“We cannot have a president where a foreign government is interfering in our election,” Obama wrote.

Despite the blistering words, relations between Obama and Vladimir Putin’s government have been warming. In May, the US and Russia launched a formal dialogue aimed at “developing a more respectful and cooperative relationship,” as a result of Russia’s “malign actions” in Ukraine.

The dialogue, which will also cover Syria, Iran and other issues, was announced as Trump called for closer ties with Russia.

Russian state-backed media, meanwhile, have cheered on Trump’s comments, as the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 US election intensifies.

Obama vs the media over Russia: who’s going to win? Read more

On Wednesday night, Trump said on Fox News “nobody really knows for sure” whether Russia was behind cyber attacks during the election.

Hours later, the president-elect also claimed Russian or other foreign actors could have hacked


Darkness Under My Bed Features Key:

  • Original Sound Library (OSL) rewrite
  • 17 new Song Packs
  • Much faster & enhanced sound engine
  • Improved Musics engines
  • Alt. Mode
  • New Singles instruments
  • New Encore tracks
  • Balance between SoundEngine and OSL algorithms
  • Additional Music and SFXs
  • Many more fixes/enhancements

    Soundodger 2:

    • Windows 95/98/2K/XP: DAT files for the C80 and 201 Sound Engine and its 4 Song Packs
    • Windows 2000/7&Vista: DirectMusic
    • All Sound Supports the C80/201 Music: The C80 Sound Engine, EPK Music Library, 201 Music, PackMusic (201 & EPK Music, be sure that both were installed)


    1.Down <— Get a drive image.
    2.Install <— Burn the image to a 4GB or greater disk.
    3.Finish <— Start SoundManager and enjoy Soundodger 2!

    Jim Lenox

    James Lenox (born October 29, 1953) is an American author, teacher, and lecturer who has written and lectured on the development of the human brain’s capability to comprehend and use information in his books and lectures. Lenox attended Santa Fe University of Art and Design and its junior college. He has served as an adjunct faculty member at several colleges including University of New Mexico, Iowa State University and University of New Mexico School of Medicine. In addition to having consulted for scores of companies, he has been a guest lecturer at the FBI, the CIA and numerous other institutions. Lenox is also the Director


    Darkness Under My Bed Full Product Key Free [Win/Mac]

    Viticulture is a fun worker placement game for 2 to 6 players where the players in the role of winemakers work together to build a functioning vineyard and winery. The players will start the game with just a few plots of land, a crushing pad, and a small cellar, but through the course of the game they will build an impressive vineyard and winery that will rival any other.
    The players will have a limited amount of money to spend on building their vineyard, but they will have the help of visitors to increase how quickly their winery can expand. They can also plant new vines and expand their cellar. However, they must spend money and time (in the form of workers) to accomplish these actions. They can hire new workers in the form of cards that give them a bonus, but the players have to consider the wishes of these helpers when they assign them to jobs.
    The game ends when all the players have reached the goal of having the winery their dream winery, or when they are no longer able to gain any additional victory points.
    This DLC gives players the opportunity to give their players a chance to visit and even live in their winery for a period of time during the game.
    About the Curse of the Cursed
    The Curse of the Cursed is the fifth DLC for Viticulture, a fun worker placement game where the players take on the role of owners of a pre-modern vineyard. The name of this DLC refers to the idea of the players being in a curse because of the place they inherited: a small vineyard in a remote part of the world.
    That curse is a metaphor for the difficulties they experience as they try to build up their vineyard, and in fact, as the players build their winery it will start to crumble around them as the curse begins to take effect. The players can do some things to try to overcome the curse, but it will only get worse if they don’t.
    There are bonuses that the players can use to try and make things a little better for their winery, and they can also help out their neighbors and other visitors. The Curse of the Cursed DLC gives the players 10 winery cards in addition to those they already have.
    The players must balance keeping the winery functional, keeping the curse from taking over, and they can do either or both.
    The one thing that the players can be sure of is that the curse will eventually overtake them, and it will be up to the players to see if


    Darkness Under My Bed Registration Code Free

    Not official content. This game is freeware and safe to download.
    File size: 84.2 MB (201676716 bytes).
    Played: 3511 times.
    Uploaded: 12/4/2017,
    Views: 13321.Pervasive health inequity in pregnancies of Aboriginal adolescents and young adults, Western Australia, 2001-2011: a five-year population-based analysis.
    To examine the demographics, pregnancy and birth outcomes, referral and treatment services and maternal and child health (MCH) outcomes of pregnancies of Aboriginal adolescents and young women (age 15-24) in Western Australia (WA) from 2001 to 2011, by timing of conception. A retrospective population-based cohort study using linked data from the WA Midwives Notification System, the Perinatal Data Collection and the WA MCH service data. The study population consisted of a cohort of 2,836 first-time pregnancies to Aboriginal women who began the calendar year 2001 or later, of whom 2,030 began in the January to March quarter of calendar year 2001 or later. Pregnancies conceived between January 2001 and March 2009 were included in the analysis. Pregnancies conceived after March 2009 are published separately. Pregnancy rates were higher in early-pregnancy conceptions than in the later conceptions. Compared with the non-Aboriginal population, Aboriginal women had longer average gestation (82.2 days vs. 75.8 days, respectively, pQ:

    Android – SQLite inserted nulls rather than null

    Can anyone explain why the following does not properly insert null values.


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