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Scalable radical cyclization of heterobicyclic systems for the synthesis of cyclopenta[a]pyrans.
A highly efficient and expedient radical addition/cyclization cascade of heterobicyclic (or fused) aryls with 3-halophenyl cations provides a convenient and useful route to diverse functionalized cyclopenta[a]pyrans. This transformation operates on a heterocyclic system with a high degree of facial selectivity (see also: Scheme 1).
Revealed: Saturn’s biggest moon, Enceladus, holds an ocean of ice – laurex

> “The discovery of the ocean means there must be a liquid water reservoir
> beneath the surface, he says, which may help explain why the moon is still
> active.”

> “It probably explains why the geysers are working the way they are.”

But that’s not convincing. One possible explanation is that the geysers are
controlled by a naturally occurring electrical current, and that could easily
be explained by electromagnetic effects (such as those caused by Jupiter

If you listen to the audio at the beginning of the presentation linked to in
the article, the presenter discusses some papers suggesting just that: the
geysers may be caused by something as simple as Jupiter’s radio waves
pressuring the water, which results in water-ice molecules breaking up and
reacting with themselves to emit radio waves.

In which case there is no need to postulate some pretty sophisticated and
sophisticated theories about “subsurface oceans” as the cause of the geysers.

It also provides a possible way to check whether the hypotheses is correct or
not: simply measure the radio waves emitted by the geysers.

I haven’t been able to find a more recent discussion of the current
hypothesis, but there was a paper in 2012 [1] which was more than ten years
old which saw an ‘ocean’. (The paper is a bit disorganized and talks about
anticyclones and swirls, but it’s–0FZl8BP0pwoWmZ5SUu4KU1Eb0NnByG

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We all know that Haidi’s had plenty of crazy moments, but what are the most memorable and crazy moments in history? Below you will find a few of the craziest moments in Haidi’s history.

Each week Haidi uses this page to announce some of her favorite video’s, songs, and singles of the week. So make sure you check back from time to time.

Haidi’s Top 7 Most Memorable Moments

Here are a few of the craziest and memorable moments in Haidi’s history and show.

1. I’m Going To Japan! (2014)

What Happened:

Haidi announced she was heading to Japan in 2014 in the most adorable way. She tweeted this video from her trip to Japan and showed how she was loving it.

Her Trip To Japan

2. Haidi’s Top 3 Most Memorable Moments

What Happened:

On June 7, 2014, Haidi released her Top 3 Most Memorable Moments in her music career to this video. She posted the video on Twitter and loved every second of it. As of this writing, it has over 79k views. Click below to see what we’re

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