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Fotonovela Del Mono Mario 46 👉🏿

Fotonovela Del Mono Mario 46 👉🏿


Fotonovela Del Mono Mario 46

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How to use the Mozilla security libraries?

I’m developing a small program to (probably) encrypt data with symmetric encryption.
I would like to do that in C#, using the Mozilla security libraries that Mozilla provides, which are pretty modern and, IMO, look great (from a C++ programmer’s point of view).
Unfortunately, when I try to include the libraries in my code, it doesn’t seem to work.
Based on what I’ve read, it looks like this is supposed to be the most compatible way. At least, I haven’t found anything else that would look as “modern” as the Mozilla security libraries.
First, I tried to include it with the using (technique taken from here:

using MozillaSecurity;

and tried to include it with a #using statement too:
using MozillaSecurity;

But, apparently it doesn’t work at all (probably, because it’s a namespace and not a class or something).
Then, I’ve tried to include it in the way people generally suggest (from this page, for instance:

using System.Security.Cryptography;

but it seems that it’s not possible to do that either, as the Encryptor class isn’t available in that namespace (even though it is present in the documentation).
Anyway, my question is: is there some way to use the Mozilla security libraries, or some other, similar way to achieve the same result?


Thanks to Daniel Stein and Ricardo, I’ve solved the problem. As I’ve thought, there was nothing wrong

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