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Hemp: Essential Oil For Happiness?

Hemp: Essential Oil for Happiness?

It is so hard to define the feeling of “Happy”. Let’s break it down. Your happiness is the product of 50% genetics, 10% social status, and 40% intentional behavior. This tells us the second largest influence is in the way we live our life, and how we behave. A large part of being happy is because your intentions are to be happy.

While it may be easy for some blessed souls to make optimal decisions with a positive attitude daily, get in touch with nature, practice a healthy level of physical activity, be spiritually evolved…and let’s not forget – adds a gratitude note to their gratitude jar every morning. Some of us experience slightly different days. I myself have been a hot mess. The times I question my happiness, I remind myself not to adapt to my current experiences. Instead, I choose to be intentional with my choices throughout the day ahead of me, until my experiences change and bring joy.

What if you want a Short Cut Straight to Happiness? Is CBD it??

It’s starting to catch on that CBD relieves anxiety, common symptoms of depression, sleeping problems, pain and inflammation. Imagine living with any of those symptoms and getting relief in a safe and natural way. That could cause some people to feel happier, right?

Technically, CBD can provide anandamide molecules longevity. Anandamide is known as the “bliss molecule”. When you feel joy, you are experiencing a chemical reaction to your body’s raise in anandamide levels. CBD can help maintain a higher level of the bliss molecule, giving you a sense of, well, BLISS.

If you are using CBD to; enjoy a social gathering that would normally cause you anxiety, enjoy a pain free day doing something that brings delight, experience quality sleep to recover from a crazy day on the job, then you are probably feeling happiness from your experiences. So, the point that CBD will make you happy can be argued, but using it is most definitely an intentional decision to experience more joy.


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“Happy” Directed by: Roko Belgic


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