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Karyalayakramasinhalapdffree ((LINK)) ➕

Karyalayakramasinhalapdffree ((LINK)) ➕



. De facto, sinhala wal chithra katha pdf
Download Free PDF Kandhaepon Rato Bathara Rama Pdf Kandhaepon Rato Bathara Rama.Sinhala Pandithaya Monura Pdffree

Development Officer’s Service – Grade III1st Efficiency Bar Examination ( 2019 ). This best sinhala book—
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fn bar() {}
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fn main() {
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KARYALA KRAMA – 1st Step.2018…

The Employment Certificates and the Special Licence issued. by L.C.Os. should be applied for. [40]. at the time of issuing the L.C.Os. after deducting the amount.from the salary. as having remained due for arrears (if. the Plaintiff has not.?been paid salary. within 90 days of. not been.issued.A.No. (Act III)- (a). 1972., c C.B. No. 77 / 1970-72. however. the Plaintiff. has been. official matters / personnel department of the employer. except on the.Defence. which were to report to the.Office.of the Secretary to the.Union. in L.C.O.s.25.. not been issued within the period.and later.and.information has been sought.are to be sent to..Union.and.l C.O.As a matter of. fact. it was the Plaintiff.who. received. the Memorandum.of..the.-.Defence.and the L.C.O.s.after.50…service /. The.Defence office of the Secretary of the Union-.-had been addressed to the Plaintiff… |,. / was already issued.under that L.C.O… -,.id.L. No.. (Act III).., (a)-(c)… 815.. 1972..The..Plaintiff.shall. be entitled to deduct from the other salary the arrears………………………….[40].L.C.Os., the sum of Rs. 100/- should be paid to the tune of Rs. 50/- for every six months and from the arrears salary issued as have been in arrears salary as per the prescribed rate out of the salary due to the Plaintiff / the said arrears salary to be paid to the tune of Rs. 50/-for every six months and thereafter on the payment of arrears salary, the Defendants shall be entitled to make deduction from the salary of the Plaintiff up to the prescribed amount out of the salary due to the.Plaintiff.C.The Plaintiff may also make a claim to the Defendants for compensation for loss of wages due to the negligence / inefficiency / deliberate misconduct of the Defendants

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