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Learn SAP Basis In 1 Day: Definitive Guide To Learn SAP Basis For Beginners ⏫


Learn SAP Basis In 1 Day: Definitive Guide To Learn SAP Basis For Beginners

Learn SAP Basis in 1 Day: Definitive Guide to Learn SAP Basis for Beginners. This sixth topic in the sap s/4 hana video series continues the exploration of the .
Our guide to SAP HANA provides an introduction to the latest release (SAP NetWeaver .
Learn Hana In 1 Day Definitive Guide To Learn Sap Hana For Beginners . JapaneseABAP Development for SAP HANALearn SAP Basis in 1 DayThe .
This book is designed for beginners with little or no prior SAP Basis experience. Here is what you will learn: Table Of Content.
Learn SAP Basis in 1 Day: Definitive Guide to Learn SAP Basis for Beginners
Buy learn sap basis in 1 day: definitive guide to learn sap basis for beginners by krishna rungta (isbn: 9781522061960) from amazon’s book .I was surprised that one day I just started noticing a stray… and it was finally big enough to see. To find the source of the misplaced line.

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Learn SAP ABAP Programming in 1 Day[The Journey from Beginner to Advanced]Q:

How to do join across 3 tables

I have 3 tables in my database :
1- Test:
| id | question |
| 1 | What is test? |

2- User:
| id | email |
| 1 | |
| 2 | |

3- Answers:
| question | answer_1 | answer_2 |
| 1 | answer_1 | answer_2 |

How can I get the answers by the first or second name of each User. For example, if I ask “What is test?” I should get answers like:
| name | answer_by_user |
| | answer_1 |
| | answer_2 |

My current query is :
SELECT answers.*, user.*, test.question
FROM answers
INNER JOIN user ON = answers.answer_1_id
INNER JOIN test ON = answers.test_id

But I get result like this:
| name | answer_by_user | question | id |
| | answer_1

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