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Role-playing games are full of opportunities to freely manipulate the world around you. The decision of where to go and what to do next, and the interaction of the numerous possible outcomes that can arise, will take the shape of your own story.

The Story of Tarnished, featuring the ancient myths of the Lands Between, is a role-playing game where you can freely alter your fate and boldly go anywhere.

The Lands Between are the setting that will allow you to create your own destiny in the grand story of the world. You can freely continue the story where the previous player left off.

A Part of the Experience You Can’t Turn Away From
The fusion of visual novel storytelling and role-playing games, the game requires players to give and take an active role in the development of the world.

In addition to controlling the growth of your own story, players can make decisions for the characters in the midst of the storyline.

Interactive Actions in a Multimedia Environment

The role-playing game makes use of 3D graphics and text.

It is a full-fledged role-playing game that combines storytelling and the gaming experience.

The levels and the content of the game have been updated every three weeks.

New Challenges Await You!


Eden is a world of wonder. Ancient civilizations with wondrous technology now serve as the foundation for the modern world.

But Tarnished is a land haunted by a hundred curses.

Growing up in Tarnished, you were randomly chosen by the goddess as a savior. You are the savior of your country.

The first generation of heroes like you left the darkness of war with light on their shields, seeking to rid Tarnished of evil.

This war left a lasting scar on the souls of the people of Tarnished. How will the second generation continue the journey toward light?

[Game Introduction] [How to Play] [Features]

1. World of Fantasy

– World of Fantasy is a vast world full of danger, but also hope.

Lands Between

– The lands between the lands of the three legendary magic wielders, Tristaria, Selena, and Galaphile, are endlessly diverse and filled with endless possibilities.

– Giant castles and technologically advanced kingdoms, the Lands Between are filled with worlds full of


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Enter a World of Epic Drama
  • Any device, anytime
    We’ve completely redesigned the DFTBA iOS experience. Now when you download and install, you can read in-depth information, including developer and publisher statistics. If you ever need to switch to your device’s built-in Store, you can do so from the right side of the screen. You can even reply to customers with “Hey, buddy!”

    You can check your email for the latest state of the game such as objects, items, storyboards or job status. If you think it’s important for you to be told whats going on in the development world, please follow us on twitter.

    Elden Ring Press Release:

    Dec 31, 2017 UPDATE: Elden Ring News for Riché De Souza, Head of Industrial Music Development at DFTBA

    Elden Ring App Features:

    • Explore a vast world with an open world map and a dungeon map
    • A unique online element: Asynchronous multiplayer: The Lands Between is like a giant sandbox! Let someone else control the course of events, such as Elder Turf, Lullaby Grove, Beastheart Cave, and other areas.
    • Start to develop your own character by forging a character that fits you!
    • Enjoy the removal of the peak and valley problem of previous worlds while enjoying new, high-resolution textures and a smooth sailing adventure!

    What’s next?

    <span style="


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    ◆Despite the game being released in Korea on September 18, 2016, its official release in North America was a day after. As the game is scheduled for English release in August 2017, it is worth buying it.

    ◆Although it has been a long wait for players who are waiting for the English release of the game, the 1.0.5 update included in the English version is quite fun. The new update features another pack of character art, a new adventure map, two new characters, and more. This update is well worth playing.

    ◆I have been playing the game for one month now. Despite only having content in one world, it has been entertaining to explore it. Although the story is still in progress, so far the game is quite enjoyable. The battle mechanics and the interface are fun, and I haven’t experienced any difficulties yet. If you like and have a lot of time, it’s worth checking out.

    ◆This is the best game ever and really fun. I have been playing this for four hours straight and can’t wait for the next episode. I can’t wait for the next 100. I love the story of this game. I love how the game is all about making your own story. This is my favorite game ever. I will buy this game so fast. It’s so amazing. I love the story of this game and the characters are all about the way they think. I’m totally into this game.

    ◆This game is totally amazing. The characters are cute and fun and all the characters are very relatable. The graphics are cute and smooth. The game doesn’t want you to take your time. The story is great and interesting. The gameplay is very entertaining. The game has a lot of bonus areas. You can go back and come again to those areas. I love it. It’s totally different from most games. The game doesn’t make you experience the same stages every time. It’s so interesting.

    ◆The music and the graphics are very nice. The characters are so cute and I totally love the story of the game. The main character is so adorable. The gameplay is very enjoyable. I really like this game and I can’t wait for the next episode.

    ◆This game is very interesting and has a good story.


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    A Season of Pandemonium and Battle


    The Necessity of Practice


    A season where Teammates Go Their Own Way


    Team Relationships Get Real in a Season


    A season where Newcomers discover Friends and Enemies

    Skill System


    Learn to Descriminate Skill Elements


    Learn to Destroy Enemy Strategies


    Learn to Exaggerate Your Strength to Grow Skills


    Prepare to Play with the Strength of Heroes


    Prepare to Dance With the Power of Spirits



    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Online Play System

    • Tribes, where you can share and trade items with others
    • PvP, where you can battle against other players
    • Solo, where you can focus on your own play style while competing with other players
    • Competitive Team Match, where team gameplay is focused on specific play style
    • Ranked Match, where you compete on a leader board to climb to the top of the ranking


    • Environments, map, and equipment design. 23 different story elements have been implemented in what appears to be the largest story in RuneScape!
    • Large-scale play experience by way of the story and dungeons. And 972 weapons, armor, and equipment.
    • Various battle mechanics. You are able to freely choose a play style that suits your play style, view your damage percentage and more.
    • Dynamic View, and Massive Graphs. You can smoothly switch between various different views and customizable “Graphical Guides”.

    How to play the game:

    You can use the “Try” option in the build screen to play in non-combat gameplay. When you wish to enter combat mode, click on the “MENU” button, then the “CONTROL SCREEN” button. When you enter combat mode, you can freely jump to battle with other players, fight away powerful monsters, or explore the world freely. After you fight, use the “MENU” button to return to the ready screen.

    Dive into Adventure!



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    2. How to download and install the game.

    1. Download the game from the link
    2. Install the game on the PC
    3. Done.

    3. Some features of the game

    HIGH-CONTROL. Become the lord of the Elden Ring, wielding the power of the Elden Ring, and become a legend with its glory and greatness.

    AREAS OF GAMEPLAY. The vast, wide world where you can enjoy the action. Hundreds of areas to explore with an open world that you can freely roam around and access.

    MULTIPLAYER. A sense of adventure, the feeling of being with others, the experience of playing with friends, and fun form the basis of the multiplayer element. Feel the thrill of cooperation while having fun.

    SUNLIGHT. Play in three different locations in one world, Arches, Andhera, and the Elden Ring. Watch the sky turn lighter and lighter as you journey north, south, and west.

    HIGHLIGHTS OF CREATION. Create your own world and a character that will live on even after the main story.

    THE TAKEOVER OF KERL. Bring order to the Elden Ring that has been in turmoil for the past millennium, and reclaim the stolen throne.

    FEATURED YOUTUBE PLAYER. Watch the official YouTube channel for ELDEN RING game where you can enjoy the gameplay, learn the game’s lore, and get news about the game.

    1. There is the issue of being illegally copied.

    Should the copying and distribution of the game be prohibited?

    Should the game be prohibited from being copied and distributed in an unauthorized manner?


    2. It is a general response to the above question.

    Should the game be prohibited from being copied and distributed in an unauthorized manner?

    Should the game be prohibited from being copied and distributed in an unauthorized manner?



    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Turn off your computer.
  • Insert-CD and then run setup.exe.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • You will get a crack file.
  • Install the crack file.
  • Enjoy 😀
  • Enjoy

    Elden Ring: Skyborn Full Version Free features:

    • Brandish the power of the Elden Ring
    • A Vast World
    • Create Your Own Character
    • Unleash your Might in the Sky
    • In Battle, the Sky is Your Friend
    • The Power of Luck


    Read the Readme.txt file in the archive for important information before installing.
    The crack file is [email protected]


    System Requirements:

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