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Excerpt: – – a county board is competent under section 6 to pass any bye-law…..public of hartal act, even though it may deal with a civil matter.but if it deals with a criminal matter it comes within the purview of the – if i read these sections aright, i am of opinion that a bye-law not to be passed by the board or authority having jurisdiction over a division where there is a general and special act dealing with the same subject-matter can be made by a board or authority vested with the power of creating bye-laws but i see no provision for creating bye-laws by a board or authority vested with the power of declaring hartals…..


Kapadia, J.

1. These are three Public Interest Litigations filed on behalf of the petitioners against the respondents, the Ashok Vihar Municipality, S. No. 4, Trilokpuri.

2. The respondent Municipality makes several pleas as follows:

(1) That the petition has no leg to stand on, as it is made to the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, and not to the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai which is the petitioner and

(2) That this Court has no jurisdiction to interfere with the decision of the respondent Municipality.

3. It seems that the petitioners have requested the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai to raise the objection that the petitioners were not properly registered, and then a Demand of Notice was issued which was never responded to. The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai had, therefore, decided to prosecute and that is the reason why the petition is now being filed in this Court.

4. At the same time, the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai has issued notices to various other defendants, which proceedings have been held up by their taking the plea that the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai was not competent to hear the case as the Municipality is an Indian Municipal Corporation and the case concerns public nuisance.

5. Before we take up these various pleas, I have to notice a clause in the petition which reads as follows:

‘Now and here, it is humbly submitted that the matters complained of by the petitioners are matters of grave public importance

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