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CBD Oil Tincture for Pets


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The medicinal wonders of CBD oil aren’t only for humans — these work for dogs and cats, too. If you have a sick pet and you’ve already tried every treatment option in the book, it’s time to turn to CBD.

Amazing Benefits of CBD for Pets

  • Reduces Anxiety

Many dogs, especially those adopted from shelters, experience varying levels of anxiety. Their symptoms include howling, digging, escaping, and other destructive behaviors. Drops of CBD oil can help them feel relaxed whenever you need to leave them at home alone.

  • Relieves Arthritis Pain

Old dogs and cats tend to develop painful osteoarthritis over time. If your pet has this condition, you can alleviate its pain with our CBD oil tinctures.

  • Manages Seizures

It can be terrifying to see your pet shaking uncontrollably for several minutes. Help control their seizures with our natural, THC-free CBD oil tinctures.

All-Natural, Zero-THC CBD Oil Tinctures

Our CBD oil tinctures for pets are extracted from hemp plants without the use of any harmful chemical. We also make sure our sources are grown organically. As such, our CBD oil tinctures don’t contain pesticides or other harmful materials. Since our sources are hemp plants, our proprietary CBD oil is THC-free. This product also undergoes thorough lab testing to ensure its quality, purity, and potency.

Safe and Easy-to-Administer CBD Oil

We understand that your pet is under a lot of pain and stress. So, we make our CBD products for pets safe and easy to administer. All you have to do is mix four to eight drops of our CBD oil in their food. Feel free to talk to your veterinarian or us to get the correct dosage for your pet.

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